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“ Build v/s Buy was a strong factor we evaluated before shipping with SuprSend. Definitely, the user experience and cost factor came better here… It saved more than 600+ hours of our developers' time along with our future development & maintenance costs.”
Swami N.
Chief Product Officer@ Freightify
“ Moving our notifications to SuprSend was super easy. For integration, all I had to do was install SuprSend SDK, setup trigger points and I was done. Designing templates & experimenting with them was left to my product team.
Dinesh Singh
Co- Founder and CTO@ Topmate

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Apart from onboarding, our team conducts strategic business consultation to help you succeed with the right product implementation

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SuprSend saved us so much time and effort in setting up our notifications. Big fan of logs and template designer, which we use every single day. Must integrate stack!
Mayank Shekhar
Co-founder & CTO
We had built a notification service in-house, but it was demanding too many hours from our engineering team. So we made the switch to SuprSend - it was a simple integration, documentation is neat, and the product solves our usecases well. I will 100% recommend them!
Surya Harsha
Co-founder & CTO
“With SuprSend, we were able to set up a full-fledged, scalable, customizable notification engine within a day. I strongly recommend it to every CTO out there.”
Dinesh Singh
Co-founder & CTO

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