Send real-time transactional notifications reliably

Streamline all your transactional notifications in one place. Send out notifications across multiple channels with a single unified API.

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Achieve high delivery rates with deep observability

Increase reach with Multi-Channel targetting

Use a single API for alerts across SMS, email, inbox, push, slack, teams, and other channels. Alert users where they are with multi-channel notifications.

Minimize failure risks with Channel & Provider Fallback

Create redundancy for important alerts by automatically switching to fallback channels & provider. Maintain business continuity and be compliant with message delivery.

Ensure timely delivery for time sensitive alerts

SuprSend API prioritizes speed with average latency of 200 ms, ensuring your users receive notifications promptly and reliably.

Enhance Observability with detailed Logs for Every Notification

Improve visibility into your notifications with unified logs across all channels. Debug issues easily and understand notification performance in one place.

Build any transactional usecase with ease

Effortlessly create, edit, deliver, manage & debug transactional alerts across all channels. Leverage simple API, SDKs, intuitive dashboard, integration with Segment & popular providers to achieve enterprise-grade configurability & scalability.

Purchase Confirmation

Send immediate confirmations when customers make purchases.

Real-time Alerts

Notify customers of account balance updates, transactions, or unusual activity.

Status Update

Provide real-time updates when a status change occurs.

Activity Alerts

Send notifications to a user based on activity in his account.


Setup notifications for account verification, forgot password, invite user.

Incident Alerting

Setup incident alerts and notify users with batching & preferences.

Accelerate notification development while delivering superior user experience

SuprSend provides power of code & no-code, along with built-in components, so you can deliver the best notification experience without extensive in-house development.

Unify all notifications in one place

Reduce complexity of managing multiple systems in code with right abstractions. Centralize notifications across all channels, products & teams.
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Craft personalized messages with Visual Template Engine

Get a powerful template engine to make notifications personalized & consistent with your brand. Completely eliminate template management & rendering in code.
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Allow users to control notification preferences

SuprSend provides ready-made UI components and APIs for notification preferences so your users can decide which notifications they want to receive, and on which channels.
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Developers-first notification platform

Single API to send notifications on all channels
SDKs available in all major languages
Comprehensive documentation
Ready components and headless library available to build beautiful UI
Seamless Integration with leading channel providers and third party platforms
const { Event } = require("@suprsend/node-sdk");
const distinct_id = "0fxxx8f74-xxxx-41c5-8752-xxxcb6911fb08”;
const event_name = "product_purchased”;
const properties = {
"order_id" : "123456",
"amount" : "$4900"
const event = new Event (distinct_id, event_name, properties, {brand_id : "default", idempotency_key = "__uniq_request_id__"});
const response  = supr_client.track_event(event);response.then((res) => console.log("response", res));
from suprsend import Event
distinct_id = "0fxxx8f74-xxxx-41c5-8752-xxxcb6911fb08”
event_name = "product_purchased”
properties = {
"order_id" : "#123456",
"amount" : "$4900"
event = Event (distinct_id = distinct_id, event_name = event_name, properties = properties, idempotency_key = "__uniq_request_id__", brand_id = "default")
response = supr_client.track_event(event)
import suprsend.Suprsend;
import Suprsend.Event;
public class Event {
public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception {
private static Subscriber trackEvent() throws SuprsendException {
Suprsend suprsendClient = new Suprsend("_workspace_key_", "_workspace_secret_");
String distinctId ="0fxxx8f74-xxxx-41c5-8752-xxxcb6911fb08";
String eventName = "product_purchased";
JSONObject eventProps = new JSONObject()
.put("amount", "$4900");
Event e = new Event(distinctId, eventName, eventProps);
JSONObject response = suprClient.trackEvent(e);
package main
import (

func main() {
ev := &suprsend.Event {
Event name: "product purchased",
DistinctId: "0fxxx8f74-xxxx-41c5-8752-xxxcb6911fb08",
Properties: map[string]interface{}{
"order_id" : "#123456",
"amount" : "$4900"
_, err = suprClient.TrackEvent(ev)
if err != nil {
curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer SS.wAxxxxxxxx' \
--header 'accept: application/json' \
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--data '
"distinct_id" : "0fxxx8f74-xxxx-41c5-8752-xxxcb6911fb08",
"event" : "product_purchased",
"properties" : {
"order_id" : "#123456",
"amount" : "$4900"

Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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