Manage all your notifications templates at one place

SuprSend provides powerful template editors for all channels, decoupling templates completely from code.

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Easily create beautiful templates for all channels
SuprSend Template Engine empowers non-tech teams to own templates. Design once and deliver consistent messaging across all channels, taking care of your brand.
  • Visual editors to design perfectly formatted templates
  • Real-time preview of rendered notifications
  • All channel templates grouped together
  • Add / remove channels without touching code
  • Streamlined template approval process
Build for any usecase, no matter how complex
SuprSend template engine supports Handlebars language so you can build complex rules in your templates.
  • Write Conditional statements
  • Add Lists for repeatable elements
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Edit templates without breaking production notifications
SuprSend provides versioning and rollback support for templates. Effortlessly make changes and test notifications before pushing them to production.

Compare the performance of each version to decide the best performing template.
Test templates in one click before pushing to production
Trigger test notifications in one click to see the how the message renders  on actual channel or device
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Make your messages multi-lingual
  • Go international, or go regional. Manage multilingual templates to target your users in their preferred language
  • Having trouble translating? Opt for auto-translation and we’ll take care of the translations for you
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Customise templates as per brands
Work with multiple brands and easily manage their brand guidelines through one single template
  • Out of the box layouts for header, footer, action buttons
  • Take care of light and dark themes with ease
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Embedded Templates
Embed our comprehensive template editor directly into your application
Empower users to send campaigns and automations directly from your product. Plug-in SuprSend’s comprehensive template editor into your application to design perfectly formatted templates.
Comes with handlebar support to send highly personalized messages and manage the most complex use cases.
Allow users to update notification content for their automations

Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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