Accelerate Startup Growth with SuprSend

Streamline your communication and engage your users across all channels effortlessly.
Deploy a reliable and scalable notification infrastructure within a day.

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Trusted by the 100+ Fastest-Growing Startups to Deliver Seamless Notifications
How SuprSend supports startups to grow ?

Seamless Multichannel Management

SuprSend provide startups with a centralised platform to manage all communication channels. Effortlessly add or switch channels without code changes.

Easy Scalability

With SuprSend's unified API, You can efficiently trigger notifications across all channels empowering rapid expansion and outreach to your growing user base.

Streamline the Workflows

SuprSend's flexible infrastructure empowers startups to automate and streamline your notification workflows, saving time and resources.

Comprehensive Analytics

Get actionable insights into notification performance, enabling data-driven decision making to optimize engagement, conversion, and overall business growth.

Program Offer

3 months free access to the platform after signup
50% discount applied for another 3 months
Available for Developer & Growth Plans
Get benefits upto $20,000
Who Should Apply?

Only applicable for new sign ups

Should not have already availed the offer

Should be part of the partner portfolio

Founded less than 5 years ago

SuprSend Partner Network

We partner with industry leaders - accelerators, incubators, VCs, and startup communities around the world. We help our partner network’s portfolio companies drive groundbreaking innovation without starting from scratch.

Building Product that companies Love!

We express our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers for continuously inspiring us to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

Love from Customers
SuprSend saved us so much time and effort in setting up our notifications. Big fan of logs and template designer, which we use every single day. Must integrate stack!
Mayank Shekhar
Co-founder & CTO
We had built a notification service in-house, but it was demanding too many hours from our engineering team. So we made the switch to SuprSend - it was a simple integration, documentation is neat, and the product solves our usecases well. I will 100% recommend them!
Surya Harsha
Co-founder & CTO
“With SuprSend, we were able to set up a full-fledged, scalable, customizable notification engine within a day. I strongly recommend it to every CTO out there.”
Dinesh Singh
Co-founder & CTO

Frequently asked questions

What is SuprSend for startup ?

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SuprSend for startups is exclusively designed for startup to support the growth and success of the startup. We provide a robust notification infrastructure, allowing startups to focus on growth while we handle their communication needs. Through our program, startups can avail themselves of our plans at minimal cost enjoying exclusive discounts. Let us take care of your notification infrastructure while you focus on scaling your business.

What if I am an existing customer?

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Only new customers are eligible to claim the offer. Customers on the free plan can apply for the offer. Startups already on the credit offer will not be eligible for the discount offer.

What are the eligibility requirements?

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To avail the offer you must be associated with one of our partners and meet our funding criteria
- Only applicable for new sign ups
- Should not have already availed the offer
- Founded less than 5 years ago

How can I verify if my offer has been successfully applied?

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Once your claim is verified, we will notify you via email to confirm the successful application of your offer. In the event that additional supporting documentation is required, we will provide clear instructions on how to submit the necessary materials. Our dedicated team will carefully review your submission and keep you updated on any progress or further steps.

What happens if I misinform the eligibility criteria?

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Any misinformation will lead to removal of any discount applied and you may be required to repay SuprSend any discounts received as a result of falsely misrepresented information.

What is the duration of the contract and on what plan is the offer applicable?

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The startup program offers are billed monthly.
The offer is applicable only on Developer and growth plans.

Still have Question?
Contact us on : startups[at]suprsend[dot]com
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