Simplify notification management for multiple brands

Remove the hassle of customizing notifications for every brand in your codebase. Streamline brand management with a multi-tenant architecture, and deliver a consistent brand identity for individual brands.

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Effortlessly style templates for multiple brands
Reflect unique brand guidelines in end user communication with a single template. Save brand settings like name, logo, color palette, and social links once and and render custom header, footer, and multiple components without code.
Route messages through brand channel providers
With multi-tenant architecture, not just styling, you can effortlessly manage and route notifications on behalf of your customers’ providers. Send notification with customers' brand headers and domains for email, SMS and Whatsapp.
    Preference Management: Give Power to your customers and their End Users
    Empower your customers to control notification preferences for their end users when your product sits on their website / product. SuprSend offers three levels of preference control: business, brand, and end user, ensuring delightful notification experience at all levels.
    Handle Inbox notifications for multiple brands
    Manage multiple inboxes for your customers with a secure Inbox that matches their brand design and show brand specific notifications, without any data sharing.
    Flexibility to manage brands through API
    Use Brands API to programmatically add / update brand information within the code.

      Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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