Send real-time notifications inside your app

Save months of engineering and design effort with SuprSend App Inbox SDK, fully customizable to match your brand style.

Why your Application should have Inbox?
Send Real-time updates with ~100% deliverability
No consent required
Send any type of content with no word limit
Message sent stays in the app forever
Simple and fast integration
  • Plug and Play Inbox SDKs to power your in-app notifications
  • Just add a few lines of code in your application or website, and go live with app inbox within an hour
  • Comes with a bell icon, feed and toast message
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SDK Support for
React Native
Inbox that matches your brand style
  • Simple UI customization components available to change the look and feel of the inbox
  • You can also design your own UI from scratch using full blown react headless SDK
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Build custom inbox using headless library

Headless inbox gives you the flexibility to design even the most intricate inbox functionality

Render inbox view that best suits your needs

Show a full page inbox or a floating inbox pop over based on your use case. You can also render notification inbox in a sidebar or off-canvas view to maximize screen real estate.

Inbox design that adapts your theme

As the demand for dark mode continues to rise, it's important to ensure that not only the main website but also the inbox adapts to the chosen theme.

Organize better with notification groups

Efficiently manage your notifications in a more organised way with multiple tabs. For example, you can separate read and unread notifications, or create a dedicated tab for critical notifications such as reviews and approvals.

Enhance interaction with custom click action

Define custom click action for the entire card like opening a modal, redirecting user to a page in your app. Or, add different click actions on individual components like clicking on profile avatar opens user profile and clicking on button opens confirmation modal.

Go Global with language translation support

Translate the App Inbox UI to any language based on your user language preferences
Send real-time updates. No infrastructure setup required
Notifications are synced in real-time, fully managed by us. No additional infrastructure setup required by you.
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Securely send messages to users
  • HMAC encoded user identification to prevent unauthorised access
  • Messages sent will only be accessible by the right user
Notify users on the best channel with smart routing
One of the limitations of using inbox is that it can target users only when they are active on the App. With smart channel routing, you can ensure engagement by sending notifications on other channels if the user is not active on the app or has not interacted with the inbox notification.

Frequently asked questions

Can we have a full page inbox rather than a floating inbox?

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Yes, full page inbox is supported with our headless library in React and Flutter. You can also change the position of your inbox and the popover list (open the notification list up for inbox placed in bottom navigation and vice versa for inbox placed in top navigation) or render notifications in a sidebar using hooks in headless library

Can a message get deleted / archived once an action is taken?

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We are working on adding the functionality to delete / archive notification once it is read or some action is taken on it. We’ll also be extending this functionality for cross channel communication. So, if the same notification is sent on multiple channels and the user takes relevant action on any other channel other than inbox, we’ll disable the action in Inbox notification.

Does the communication between app and server happen over a web socket?

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Real-time communication using web socket is in development. Right now, we are polling the data every 20 secs (polling time is customizable).

My website is hosted on multiple domains (for our customers), each user belongs to a client. Do I need to do separate implementation on each client? If the same user belongs to 2 clients, will they be able to see the same notification in another client when it is pushed to 1 client?

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- As long as you have the same code across all your domains, there’s no need for separate implementation.
- The unique identifier for a user in inbox is subscriber_id. If you are passing the same subscriber_id in both the clients, it will be considered as the same user and the notification will be visible in both the clients. If the subscriber_id is different, it will be considered as 2 separate inboxes and hence the notifications will be unique to each client.

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