Notification Infrastructure for your product

Send notifications in a reliable and scalable manner, as well as take care of end user experience.

Say goodbye to building & maintaining a notification micro-service.

An event from application to SuprSend triggers notifications
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Build notifications fast, iterate faster

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Single API to power communications on all channels

Start with one channel, then add new channels or switch vendors instantly, without touching code.

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    One API for all channels
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    SDK available in all major languages
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    Easily manage users and templates
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Central repository for templates.
Design & publish changes in minutes.

WYSIWYG editors for all channels with versioning support.
Forget how content changes took a sprint to go live.

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All channel analytics together

Consolidated cross-channel data in a single place.
Clean & actionable insights for you.

Pick channels for your messages,

and setup your first notification in 5 minutes.






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See All Integrations

But sending notifications is not the only responsibility of a notification infrastructure.

You need features to improve end user experience and your visibility on notifications.
Hence, SuprSend

Get consolidated logs to increase observability

To help you audit and debug in real-time, removing any guesswork.

Execute multi-channel strategy without bombarding users

SuprSend workflows optimise for channel delivery while keeping the notification success metric high.
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    AI to determine best channel
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    Success based delivery
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    Reduces User Bombarding
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    Saves Cost
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Plus get a fully managed notification stack

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Preference Management

Give control to your end users and manage unsubscriptions better.

Unreachable Users

We flag user channels that are  unreachable. And not attempt delivery on them next time. Saving costs for you!

Anomaly Detection

Critical transactional notifications breaking?
We identify and alert you instantly.
Coming Soon

Inbound responses

We collect user response from all channels and send to you in standardized manner.
Coming Soon

Frequency Cap

Too many notifications are a nightmare! Put a cap on how many notifications a user can get.

Batching & Digests

An engine that aggregates events and sends them out as a single notification to the end user.


Go international, or go regional.
Manage multi-lingual templates and configure vendors as per geography.

Vendor Fallback

A built-in logic to automatically route traffic on fallback vendors, in case primary vendor fails to deliver. Must have for transactional notifications.

Using No-Code?

Automate your notifications from 3000+ apps using Zapier integration

Trigger multi-channel notifications from Google Sheets, Salesforce, Facebook Lead Ads, Hubspot, Pipedrive and many more...

"I built NoCode product and thanks to Suprsend's supr workflows, I was able to build critical product flows involving notifications. This was a game changer for me and will be for all No Code projects."
Rahul Singh, Teachmint

Love From Customers


“With SuprSend, we were able to set up a full-fledged, scalable, customisable notification engine within a day. I strongly recommend it to every CTO out there."

Dinesh Singh
CTO & Co-founder

“SuprSend saved us so much time and effort in setting up our notifications. Big fan of logs and template designer, which we use every single day. Must integrate stack!"

Mayank Shekhar
CTO & Co-founder

“We had built a notification service at Tortoise, and it was taking a toll on our lean engineering team - it was demanding too many hours.
SuprSend came to our rescue and now we don't worry about notifications. It's a simple integration, documentation is neat, and the product has depth. I found their support team to be extremely helpful and capable. I will 100% recommend them!"

Surya Harsha
CTO & Co-founder

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