Deliver Effective Notifications with powerful orchestration

Simplify even the most complex notification use case with our powerful workflow engine. Craft effective, timely communication with preferences, batching & smart routing that delights users.

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Easily craft any complex use case with intuitive editor
Build even the most complex workflows in minutes with a simple form editor. Decouple business logic from your codebase to run fast experiments and achieve desired results quickly.

    Handle any type of notifications with ease

    Automate recurring tasks with crons

    Schedule recurring tasks like reminders, daily, weekly summary reports or send scheduled campaigns at a specific time of the day

    Send lightning fast alerts with broadcast

    Send instant alerts to a large list of users with sub-optimal latency and keep your users up to speed with key actions

    Engage users at the right time with delays

    Wait for the users to explore the product before sending the next re-engagement message

    Reduce notification fatigue with batched alerts

    Aggregate multiple alerts and send them in a single digest instead of alerting on every trigger

    Keep your users on schedule with timely reminders

    Send reminders before events or appointments so that your users never miss an event

    Keep everyone in the loop with cross user alerts

    Send notification on collaborative actions, where one user performs an action and the other user needs to be notified.
    Reach users where they are
    Maximize reach and engagement with cross channel notifications without overwhelming your users. Enable smart routing and reach your users on the best channel with AI based routing logic optimized for each user
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    Deliver a delightful user experience with preferences
    Our Workflow engine automatically handles user preferences and decides when and if your users should receive notifications, giving full control to end users on their notification experience.
    Track every notification with advanced analytics and logs
    With our rich workflow insights, you can monitor notification performance in real-time and identify areas for improvement. Every workflow run is captured and logged, making it easy to debug issues.
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    Workflow Success

    Track user progress through your notifications to see which touchpoints are most effective.

    Engagement Metrics

    Monitor delivery, impressions, and clicks across all channels and vendors in a single graph

    Error Tracking

    Keep tabs on workflow errors in real-time, with detailed logs and alerts to help you quickly troubleshoot issues.
    Trigger workflows programmatically via API
    Create workflows on-the-fly for dynamic requirements such as OTP and verification emails using backend SDKs or API.

    Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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