Run multi-channel notifications natively on your data warehouse

Bifrost is a self hosted tool to filter segments and run hyper personalized notifications directly from your data warehouse. It’s fast, secure, and cost effective.

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No-code automation for hyper-personalised scheduled notifications
Bifrost provides a no-code stack to product teams to own the entire notification pipeline. Write SQL queries on complete set of data to target the right users, and orchestrate the notification flow on SuprSend.
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Easily create and monitor complex notifications without developer dependency

Only platform you need to streamline  notifications on your data, in your way
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Unprecedented Time to Value

Data is already sitting in your database / warehouse. You can write SQL query to generate events, and send notifications within minutes, instead of hours.

Access to Complete data

Your data store is the ultimate source of truth and is most comprehensive. You can run personalized notifications & recommendations without stitching data from multiple sources.

Unparallel security

Since your data never leaves your environment, and it is not synced to any third party tools, you can run campaigns securely. You only send the information required in templates, which is send & forget.
No csv
No third-party sync

Cost Effective

Third party tools store your user activity data for long term to allow you to run campaigns on them. Since your data is never synced to third party, it is truly cost effective for you.
Notify users on the best channel with smart routing
You decide who to target by slicing and dicing your data, and SuprSend delivers the notification to your user in best manner possible.
--> User Preferences
--> Batching / Digest
--> Channel Routing
Why you should consider running notifications on data warehouse?
If you sync data to third party tools

Plumbing for Reverse ETL takes time and maintenance

Incomplete Data reduces the efficacy of notifications

Restricted data lookback period doesn’t give complete picture

Third party tools pricing based doesn’t give ROI

Bifrost considers your warehouse as a ultimate source of truth, and doesn’t require you to sync your data to third party tools first to run notifications.
If you manage notifications in-house

Downloading data in CSV is operational overhead

Developer bandwidth is spent in writing code

Product teams have poor control over notification logic

User data circulating  in CSV is non-compliant and serious security concern

Bifrost is a self-hosted tool that is most compliant with your data. Notifications are sent without involving engineering teams or csv download.

Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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