Do a comprehensive analysis of all your notifications

Easily track notification performance for all vendors and channels at one place. Analyze and understand notification experience that your users are getting.

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One place for all channel analytics
No more juggling between multiple vendor dashboards to check notifications data
  • Compare channels and see which channels are performing the best
  • Compare vendors and see which vendor provides best delivery and latency rates
Detailed analytics for data-driven teams
  • Track and derive actionable insights with metrics like delivery rate, seen rate, failure rate, and latency
  • Analyze user journey at message level instead at channel level
Deep dive into each and every workflow
Drill down into each workflow and track important metrics such as
  • Performance trend over time
  • Average number of notification nudges required to take action
  • Which channel is driving the highest engagement and much more
Iterate template content and track which version performs the best
Finding the most engaging content is a journey of multiple iterations and analysis. Run experiments and track seen rate and click rate of the template versions.
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Get real time alerts if notifications break
We track and send real-time alerts to notify you about any unexpected communication failures, so you can act on them immediately.
  • Instant alerts for high failure rates
  • Daily digest summarising notification performance

Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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