Accelerating Customer Onboarding: How SuprSend Cut eShipz's Customer Onboarding Time by 3 Weeks?

As a trailblazer in enterprise and e-commerce shipping solutions, eShipz is reshaping how businesses optimize their logistics operations. From dispatch to delivery and returns, their cutting-edge logistics intelligence system streamlines crucial processes such as courier allocation, real-time tracking, label generation, and comprehensive analytics. By leveraging a wealth of data points, eShipz empowers businesses to make informed decisions and drive operational efficiency.

But unlike traditional rate aggregators, eShipz stands out by offering businesses the unique ability to seamlessly integrate their own shipping contracts, which can be directly negotiated with courier partners. This distinctive feature empowers enterprises to leverage their existing business relationships, enabling them to unlock customized rates based on their shipping volume. Through this integration, businesses can save significant costs and time while maintaining exceptional service levels.

To maintain its competitive advantage, they recognized the need for a robust notification infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with the enterprise’s preferred channel providers while dynamically incorporating the company’s branding elements into every notification sent. This also enabled eshipz to offer significant value-add to the enterprises where their customers recognized who the notifications were coming from, leading to lesser customer complaints and queries.

eShipz’s Notification Use Cases

With its extensive integration of over 220+ domestic and international courier partners and vendors, catering to enterprises, and processing over 31+ million orders, eShipz operates at a scale demanding robust and reliable notification infrastructure. As the order volume continues to soar, it becomes imperative for eShipz to ensure a seamless flow of information between logistical vendors and brands through timely notifications. 

Primarily, eShipz generates and sends notifications across 5 broad categories as below.

Due to the intricate mix of B2B, B2C, and B2B2C notifications triggered within a single order, eShipz encountered challenges with its initial notification system, which struggled to handle the complexities efficiently.

eShipz Initial Notification Modules Increased Complexity

eShipz initially faced operational challenges with their notification system, which comprised separate modules for each enterprise, such as templates, channel preferences, and API integrations with vendors. This resulted in the need for a lot of code configuration, increasing customer onboarding time and engineering complexity.

Furthermore, eShipz provided analytics and logs for every notification sent to enterprises and shipping vendors. However, this required extracting data from multiple notification provider accounts, consolidating it, and exposing it to the relevant parties. As a result, the onboarding time for new customers was prolonged (sometimes for months), which hindered the startup's scalability.

To overcome these obstacles and streamline its notification infrastructure, eShipz sought a centralized solution to offer them flexibility, reliability, observability, and scalability without any significant development. They aimed to simplify integration processes, reduce onboarding time, and focus on their core business use cases by adopting a centralized notification infrastructure

Partnering With SuprSend - Expediting Their Onboarding Time

Recognizing the remarkable synergy between our offerings and their needs, they integrated with SuprSend.

Connecting Multiple Brand Vendors at Scale

By leveraging SuprSend’s in-built integration with multiple channels and vendor support, eShipz effortlessly supported enterprises’ sms and email vendors without writing any code. eShipz simply configured the respective API keys for each brand’s chosen vendors on the SuprSend platform programmatically via API. This streamlined approach enabled eShipz to seamlessly route notifications directly from the enterprises’ accounts, eliminating the need for complex and time-consuming integrations.

eShipz currently sends out customer notifications through 3 channels: Email, SMS, and Whatsapp.

"SuprSend had the necessary notification vendors already connected to their platform. Hence we didn’t need to worry about the multiple integration issues that we initially had, as from a technical standpoint, we wanted just a single API integration that would work for all of our clients and their notification vendors centrally."

Dynamically Updating Brand’s Notification Templates Using Their Branding Guidelines

As a leading logistics intelligence SAAS platform serving numerous enterprises, e-commerce businesses and shipping vendors, eShipz sought a comprehensive white-labeling solution for their notifications which would become their USP. Many client enterprises (from Pharma, Retail, Manufacturing, Apparel & Consumer goods)requested personalized branding elements such as logos, colors, domain, and social links to be incorporated into the notifications sent on their behalf.

However, their initial notification modules lacked the flexibility to accommodate such dynamic branding requirements. They required in-house designers to design on-brand templates, get it approved or changed, upload them to the system for every single notification category, and maintain configs in their code to route the notifications with the respective templates.

With SuprSend’s templating engine embedded in their platform, eShipz allowed businesses to design notification templates with their branding elements.At the same time, for some enterprises who outsourced template designing to eShipz; eShipz can now easily customize the same template with brand elements without spending any manual effort or writing custom code to handle templates.  By only specifying the brand ID in the API call, eShipz could dynamically trigger the template with each customer's branding elements. This enabled eShipz to deliver highly customized and branded notifications to their users, ensuring a consistent and professional brand experience across all communication channels.

Giving Control to The Brands and Its Customers - Preference Management

eShipz's customers had diverse preferences for channels and user control, ranging from channel and notification category level preferences.

To solve this, eShipz sought to implement a configure-driven architecture for user preferences, granting customers control over their notification preferences and enhancing user engagement rates. SuprSend’s 3-tiered preference management capability seamlessly integrated into their system, providing them what their customers wanted, a way to manage notification preference at different levels.

This complex architecture, including user, enterprise and shipping vendor layers, would otherwise require significant engineering resources and a month of development time, both saved through our solution.

Intelligently Routing Notifications to the Available Channel

eShipz encountered a recurring challenge wherein their customers' users sometimes missed important notifications, negatively impacting the user experience and key performance indicators such as seen and click-through rates. Our smart routing feature was implemented to address this issue, enabling brands to intelligently redirect failed notifications to an alternative channel. 

This improved notification delivery rates and resulted in significant cost savings, as notifications were only triggered on the secondary channel when the primary channel failed, eliminating the need for simultaneous delivery across all channels.

On average, running a single channel transactional notification for 2,00,000 subscribers (a common number for enterprises) would cost around $1,000 daily. With our smart routing feature, an enterprise could save around $1,500-1,800 daily, as they don’t need to run notifications on all 3 channels simultaneously. 

Reducing The Customer Onboarding Time By 3 Weeks

Reducing customer onboarding time by over 3 weeks, eShipz experienced a significant improvement in their operational efficiency. Our quick integration capabilities allowed them to expedite the process of integrating enterprise, e-commerce clients, vendors, and workflows within their logistics intelligence platform. This resulted in a streamlined onboarding experience for enterprise clients, enabling them to leverage eShipz's services and solutions without unnecessary delays.

In addition to reducing onboarding time, our collaboration with eShipz enabled their clients to incorporate branding elements into their notifications. By delivering notifications with personalized branding, eShipz's clients were able to enhance their brand presence and create a consistent user experience. This highly requested feature empowered their clients to engage with their customers effectively, reinforce their brand identity, and leave a lasting impression at every touchpoint throughout the shipping process.

Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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