How Investmint Increased Their Customer Engagement Rates by 266% Using SuprSend’s Real-Time Broadcast Capability?

Investmint, a systematic signal-based trading app disrupting the stock market landscape, aspires to position itself as the go-to secondary broker for retail investors. With a focus on fixed-time trading and quantitative trading models, Investmint offers scientifically-backed strategies like mean reversion, momentum, and trend following.

At the heart of Investmint's business model lies a subscription-based framework. Their 100k+ users subscribe to specific algorithmic trading models that generate time-sensitive notifications for executing targeted trades. The trading recommendations are generated at set cadences, whether it's weekly, monthly, daily, or even hourly. Additionally, knowing when to exit investments is equally vital, and Investmint's models provide guidance on the optimal exit points.

Notification Use-Cases for Investmint

Presently, Investmint uses notifications for the following use cases:

What Investmint wanted from SuprSend?

Investmint was particularly looking for:

Choosing SuprSend Over Marketing Automation Tools

During their build vs buy evaluation process, Investmint also compared us with marketing automation tools but found them unsuitable for their transactional use cases. 

SuprSend Solutions: Giving Investmint a Reliable Broadcasting Capability

Getting Started with Time-Sensitive Multi-Channel Broadcasts

Investmint's systematic trading models require sending time-sensitive notifications to subscribed users at specific intervals during trading hours. Their initial push-based system had a delivery rate of only 60%, leading to lower engagement.

Investmint implemented SuprSend's multi-channel broadcasts with a single API call across three channels to guarantee uninterrupted communication. Initially, they utilized Whatsapp and later expanded user engagement by incorporating in-app inbox, (web/ mobile) push notifications through FCM, APNS, and Xiaomi Mi Push. Setting up these additional channels was quick as they didn't needed to do multiple API integrations.

This multi-channel broadcasting approach proved highly beneficial, resulting in a remarkable 266% increase in overall engagement compared to their previous in-house push-based notification system. Though this increase was not just due to going multi-channel but also by one another important factor described below.

Delivering 100% Notifications with Low Latency

Investmint's users relied on data-laden notifications from their systematic trading models to place trades precisely before trading sessions began. Ensuring low latency in notifications was crucial as users expected timely updates to maintain the accuracy of their trading models. 

Updating Subscribers List in Real-Time on SuprSend based on Subscriber’s Action

Investmint leverages SuprSend's Lists functionality to calculate and assign subscribers to relevant lists in real-time to address the real-time subscribers list updation. By accurately segmenting the subscribers associated with each stock model and their further actions taken during trading sessions, Investmint ensures that the right users receive personalized notifications tailored to their specific subscriptions and actions.

Lists enabled Investmint to add, remove, and update subscribers in real-time to keep their subscriber lists up-to-date and highly targeted, optimizing the effectiveness of their communication efforts. Creating a sophisticated synchronization system like this in-house would have required approximately 200+ engineering hours.

Results: Enhancing Customer Retention without Added Developmental Loads

Investmint's relentless pursuit of delivering consistent and accurate forecasting through their systematic signals led to an extraordinary outcome. They achieved a remarkable 30% increase in customer retention.

These impressive results were driven by enhancements in their user engagement process, with multi-channel and timely notifications playing a pivotal role. As a result, they experienced increased cross-selling, with existing users subscribing to additional models, thereby boosting customer lifetime value (LTV). 

Investmint's KPIs and our deliverables

“Scaling that (notification) infrastructure and maintaining its reliability would have required significant observability and substantial development time. By partnering with SuprSend, we were able to offload these concerns, allowing us to focus on user acquisition and our core product. SuprSend abstracted away the complexities of notifications and monitoring, providing a seamless solution for our notification needs.”

Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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