How Delightree Increased Engagement Rates Across Franchise Owners and Frontline Workers by 2X Using SuprSend?

Delightree is a revolutionary super app (SaaS) designed specifically for franchise businesses seeking to standardize their operations across multiple locations and set up new ones. By providing an all-encompassing operating system (OS), Delightree empowers business chains in industries such as restaurants, fitness centers, spas, barbershops, and more to train and manage their frontline across locations with easily buildable SOPs, checklists, and reporting. 

At the core of Delightree's operations is their robust notification service, serving as a crucial communication tool for employee training, performance tracking, and task management among the franchise manager and their frontline workers. 

Delightree Notification Use-Cases

Delightree's notification use cases span across two categories, each serving distinct purposes. One is a basic use case for their client franchises, while the other one is complex and meant to streamline communication between the franchise owners/ managers and the frontline workers. Currently, Delightree uses SuprSend for the following notification use cases.

Delightree’s Initial Notification Module Lacked Visibility & Control

Initially Delightree had a two-channel notification system where they used Sendgrid for email and Twilio for SMS notifications that were part of their backend code. However, this setup proved cumbersome and inefficient for scaling quickly.

Starting with SuprSend to Manage Their Notification System

Delightree quickly implemented SuprSend's SDK, seamlessly integrating it within their system in just a day. This straightforward integration empowered Delightree to streamline their entire notification system, benefiting from SuprSend's intuitive features. Let's explore the key enhancements Delightree implemented with SuprSend.

Managing 4 Channels & Vendors without multiple API Integrations

Delightree recognized the limitations of their email and SMS notification modules, as frontline workers seldom had the opportunity to check their emails during their busy routines. This resulted in low visibility and hindered real-time communication between franchise managers and frontline workers.

Leveraging SuprSend's pre-existing vendor API integrations, Delightree seamlessly incorporated Sendgrid for email, Twilio for SMS, in-app inbox by SuprSend, FCM and MiPush for Android push, and APNS for iOS push channels. Setting push alone increased their overall notification seen rates by 22%.

The swift vendor integration was followed by streamlining notification templates previously scattered across different notification categories in their in-house system. Let's check how.

Creating & Re-Iterating Templates on the Fly

Delightree benefited from SuprSend's user-friendly drag-and-drop template builder, eliminating the need for HTML coding to create notification templates. Starting with email templates and then inbox, push and SMS, Delightree leveraged intuitive building blocks, enabling them to swiftly develop visually appealing templates that could be deployed with a single click.

Creating templates was only the first step toward delivering an engaging notification experience. To match recipient preferences, continuous design, and copy changes were necessary. Leveraging SuprSend's version control feature, Delightree rapidly re-iterated templates (4-5 times in a short span in multiple notification categories), experimenting with new designs and copies until they achieved a high click rate of 11%.

Using SuprSend Analytics and Logs For Complete Visibility

As Delightree scaled its operations, the volume of notifications grew correspondingly, for which they required a centralized analytics and logs dashboard, enabling them to perform root cause analysis and make data-driven improvements.

Madhulika says, “Clarity and visibility was a pain with our initial notification system. Sometimes users would get incorrect updates or experience deliverability issues. As I am based in US, whenever a customer came in with these bugs & issues, it was challenging for me to address these issues without the immediate assistance of our developers in India, who were 12 hours ahead. This was one of my key reasons to switch to SuprSend, which provided in-built logs down to each notification level

With SuprSend's granular analytics control, Delightree gained complete visibility over their notifications, enabling swift root cause analysis (RCA) whenever required. This, in turn, led to faster resolution times for customer problems.

One valuable insight Delightree obtained through SuprSend's analytics tool was the significant increase in engagement when notifications incorporated branding elements. Frontline workers quickly recognized their franchise business's branding elements, leading to higher interaction rates. Addressing this complex use case, SuprSend worked closely with Delightree to provide custom branding in notifications for multiple client businesses, ensuring a seamless integration of their branding elements into notifications.

Using SuprSend’s Multi-Tenant Architecture to Include Branding Elements

With ambitions to serve over 750,000 franchises, creating and updating notification templates with unique branding elements for each client business would have been arduous. 

Delightree programmatically created franchise business profiles on SuprSend and their branding elements using multi-tenant architecture. Delightree only needed to create a single notification template, and then dynamically pass the "brand_id" to indicate how the template should be customized, saving months of development time.

By incorporating branding elements specific to each franchise business, Delightree witnessed a 2X increase in engagement among frontline workers making it one of their USPs.

Implementing a Multi-Tenant Preference Management to Give Flexibility

Delightree successfully tackled the challenge of notification preferences by implementing SuprSend's React SDK for a pre-built preference management center. Leveraging SuprSend's multi-tenant architecture, Delightree implemented a three-layer user preference system

The first level was set at the Delightree (business) level, followed by the franchise brands (brands) level, and finally, at the frontline workers (users) level. This granular control ensured that notifications remained highly relevant to each individual user, significantly reducing user churn caused by notification fatigue.

Results: Increasing the Engagement Rate & App Retention Rates

By consolidating all notification-related tasks within a single application, Delightree eliminated the need for in-house engineering support, freeing up valuable resources.

Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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