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#1 App Inbox Alternative & Competitor

Anjali Arya
June 20, 2024
GetStream's inapp inbox notification center lackluster? SuprSend's pre-built SDK offers a feature-rich alternative for developers, with real-time updates, rich notifications & more. The best app inbox alternative.

While GetStream offers a robust suite of tools for building chat functionalities, its capabilities for in-app notification centers are limited. Developers seeking a feature-rich and customizable solution for managing in-app notifications should look beyond GetStream app inbox. SuprSend emerges as a powerful alternative, providing a pre-built notification center specifically designed for seamless integration within your application.

GetStream vs. SuprSend: Notification Center Showdown

Here's a breakdown of key considerations when choosing between GetStream and SuprSend for your in-app notification needs:

  • Architectural Approach: GetStream offers a headless API approach, empowering developers with building blocks to construct custom notification centers. SuprSend provides a pre-built notification center SDK, simplifying integration and reducing development overhead. SuprSend also supports headless approach to build customisable and native inapp notification center experience just like inapp notifications.
  • Customization: GetStream offers greater flexibility for tailoring notification center functionalities through code. However, this requires significant development expertise. SuprSend provides a balance between customization and ease of use, allowing for configuration through a well-documented API and a user-friendly interface for managing notification settings.
  • Advanced Features: Both GetStream and SuprSend can handle basic notification functionalities like message delivery and display. However, SuprSend might offer additional features crucial for a comprehensive notification center, such as:
    • Real-time Updates: SuprSend leverages WebSockets for real-time updates, ensuring users receive notifications instantaneously. GetStream might require additional implementation for real-time functionality.
    • Notification Persistence: SuprSend allows persistent storage of notifications for later retrieval, even if the app is closed. GetStream's approach may require developers to build persistence mechanisms.
    • Rich Notification Content: SuprSend supports rich media content like images, videos, and custom layouts within notifications, enhancing engagement. GetStream might necessitate additional libraries or development effort for such features.
    • Advanced Targeting & Segmentation: SuprSend empowers developers to target specific user groups and segments with tailored notifications based on user attributes or behavior. GetStream's targeting capabilities might be more limited.

SuprSend: A Feature-Packed Powerhouse for In-App Notifications

By choosing SuprSend, developers gain access to a feature-rich notification center solution that streamlines development and elevates the user experience:

  • Simplified Integration: SuprSend's notification center SDK offers a well-documented and straightforward integration process, minimizing development time.
  • Extensible Architecture:  SuprSend's architecture allows for customization through its API and plugins, enabling developers to extend core functionalities to meet specific needs.
  • Robust Delivery Options: SuprSend provides features for scheduling notifications, setting priority levels, and segmenting user groups for targeted messaging campaigns.
  • Actionable Notifications: SuprSend allows users to interact with notifications directly from the notification center, boosting engagement and driving desired actions within the app.
  • Detailed Analytics & Reporting: SuprSend empowers developers to track notification performance through comprehensive analytics and reporting, allowing for data-driven optimization of notification strategies.

Empowering Developers with a Superior Notification Center Solution

SuprSend offers a compelling alternative to building a notification center from scratch using GetStream's inapp notification tools. By leveraging SuprSend's pre-built solution, developers can save significant development time and resources while providing a best-in-class notification experience for their users.

Ready to Take Your In-App Notifications to the Next Level?

Try SuprSend today and explore how our feature-rich notification center solution can transform your user engagement strategy.  Our team is here to answer any technical questions and guide you through the integration process. Visit our developer documentation or reach out to our sales team to learn more about SuprSend and how it can become the perfect alternative to a GetStream app inbox notification center.

Written by:
Anjali Arya
Product & Analytics, SuprSend

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