Build user-centric notifications that respect your users preferences

With SuprSend’s easy to use preferences toolkit and flexible API, your users can always decide which notifications they want to receive and on what channels

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Why are notification preferences a must for any product?

User Delight

When users have control over their notifications, they're more likely to engage with the notifications

Reduced user churn

Users are less likely to leave the platform due to notification fatigue and stick longer and more engaged with your product

Increased brand loyalty

Users stick with the brands longer when they feel that their needs and preferences are being prioritized
Add a ready Preference centre to your product in mins
  • Add well-designed preference centre into your app with a ready UI code, customizable to match your brand design.
  • Empower users to set granular preferences across notification categories, channels, and frequency through a user-friendly interface
  • Design your own UI with headless components and flexible APIs
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Go live instantly with hosted preference page
  • Gain immediate access to user preferences with a hosted page
  • No development effort or UI design required
  • Use it to take user preferences out of product

Ready for any level of preference control

Multi-tenant preference management: Give Power to your customers and their End Users
Empower your customers to control notification preferences for their end users when your product sits on their website / product. SuprSend offers three levels of preference control: business, brand, and end user, ensuring delightful notification experience at all levels..
Effortlessly manage preferences without breaking your live code
  • Build even the most complex preference control simply from the dashboard
  • Preview changes before making it live
  • Easily iterate and add new notification categories without touching your code
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Automated user preferences handled for you
User preferences are automatically validated at workflow run, so you don’t have to manage it at your end. Any user changes are always synced in real-time, guaranteeing notifications always align with user's latest preference settings
    Know when someone opts out
    You can always see what channels or categories any user has opted-out for each subscriber on the dashboard itself, giving you real-time visibility into user preferences
    Programmatically control preferences through API
    Update User Preferences dynamically for both your customers and their end users using our REST-ful APIs

      Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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