Add a perfect notification center to your app, in minutes

Get real-time notification feed API along with pre-built UI components to alert customers within your app. No infrastructure setup or coding required.

Drive in-app actions with a plug-and-play Inbox

Engage your users when they are active on your product with a well-designed and highly functional Inbox experience. Implement swiftly by adding just a few lines of code.

Integrate now

Ready UI components, fully customizable to match your brand style

Don’t waste your time designing Inbox from scratch. Just plug-in our ready Inbox centre or create your native UI using our full blown headless library.

Real-time with cross-browser synchronization

Ensure that users receive messages instantly and have an in-sync experience across different browsers and devices. No infrastructure setup required at your end.

Feature rich, with built-in support for complex use cases

SuprSend Inbox comes with tons of advanced functionalities to solve for any complicated notification usecase and interaction.
Set Expiry
Tabs, Filter and Sort
Inline click actions
State management (click, open, archive)
Smart Channel Routing
Multi-tenant support
User Preferences

Design your native Inbox experience

Use our pre-built component or build your own UI using headless library.

Mutiple Tabs
Custom Click Handler
Filter & Sort

Design your native Inbox experience

Use our pre-built component or build your own UI using headless library.

Render inbox view that best suits your needs

Show a full page inbox or a floating inbox pop over based on your use case. You can also render notification inbox in a sidebar or off-canvas view to maximize screen real estate.

Inbox design that adapts to your theme

As the demand for dark mode continues to rise, it's important to ensure that not only the main website but also the inbox adapts to the chosen theme.

Organize better with notification groups

Efficiently organize your notifications with tabs. For example, you can separate read and unread notifications, or create a dedicated tab for critical notifications such as reviews and approvals.

Enhance interaction with custom click action

Call an inline action, open a modal or redirect users to a URL. You can configure a common click behaviour on the entire card or assign distinct click actions to individual components of the card, clicking on avatar opens user profile, while clicking on button opens a confirmation modal.

Go Global with language translation support

Translate the App Inbox UI to any language based on your user language preferences

Pin critical notifications on top

Draw user's attention by pinning time sensitive alerts and critical user actions. Set expiry or unpin it once the action is complete.

Give users option to filter and sort

Users can filter out read and unread notifications and sort notifications no just on timestamp but priority.

Secure and Scalable, built for Developers

SDKs available in all major languages
Data security
Secure authentication with HMAC encoded user identification to prevent unauthorised access.
import crypto from "crypto";
(distinct_id, secret){
    const hash = crypto
    return hash.trimEnd(“=”);}
Easy Integration
Deploy quickly without compromising on design and developer experience. Ready UI components and example codes available for easy integration.
Check Playground
//install with
npm i @suprsend/react-inbox
import SuprSendInbox from
//add to your react component
   workspaceKey = "<workspace_key>"
   subscriberId = "<subscriber_id>"
  distinctId = "<distinct_id>" 
Deep observability and debugging capabilities to check the status of your notifications while they are being sent in real-time.
Consolidated Analytics to track notification engagement like open, seen, click in real-time
Quick Iteration
Decouple notification logic from the code. Deploy once and iterate easily, without making any changes in your code.
Start with Inbox and add out-of-app channels, without any development effort. Notify users on the best channel with smart channel routing.

Implement a powerful stack for your notifications

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