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11 Reasons to Use In-App Inbox Notifications In Your Product Communication Strategy

Anjali Arya
November 24, 2023
Discover 11 compelling reasons to incorporate In-App Inbox notifications into your product communication strategy. From novelty to 100% deliverability, SuprSend's app inbox simplicity to long-term storage, elevate user engagement for sustained growth.

App Inbox notifications are a powerful tool for product communication strategy. They offer several advantages over traditional methods, making them an effective way to engage and retain users. In this article, we will discuss ten reasons why using App Inbox inside your product communication strategy is beneficial. We will also provide practical tips on how to implement App Inbox notifications effectively. Check out 5 Mobile Inbox Transactional Use-Cases That Businesses Are Using To Improve Customer Engagement.

1. Novelty:

In-App Inbox brings a fresh and novel approach to user engagement. The scarcity of companies leveraging this channel creates a unique opportunity to capture the attention of site visitors. By incorporating In-App Inbox into your communication strategy, you can stand out from the competition, making your messages more noticeable and memorable. Before moving forwards you may check out 6 Unique Types of In-App Notifications Every Product Manager Should Know.

2. Unobtrusiveness:

Unlike other channels that may disrupt user experiences, In-App Inbox messages are designed for subtlety. They don't overlap content or distract visitors from their targeted actions. Instead, users receive a discreet new message notification, ensuring that your communication is seamlessly integrated into their user journey without causing interruptions. You should check out In-App Notification VS Push Notifications - Which Notification Channel is Better For Product Communication in 2024?

3. Relevance:

App Inbox and web inbox messages prioritize user convenience. Users can revisit messages at their own pace, and notifications disappear after they expire, maintaining relevance. This user-centric approach enhances the overall experience, making interactions more meaningful and less intrusive. Relevance is also important for achieving high CTR. Check out 4 Best Practices for Creating Effective In-App Notifications For High CTR.

4. Easy to Set Up:

Implementing App Inbox is a breeze with SuprSend’s out-of-box app inbox SDK. A single script provides access to a myriad of features, from setting up abandoned carts and views to segmentation by behavior and personalized product recommendations. This simplicity not only streamlines the integration process but also empowers businesses to make the most out of the channel's capabilities. You just need this code to get started:

But if you want to build it in-house it would be a complex engineering sprint, with backend, frontend, database integrations, app inbox customisations, features, custom click handlers, template management and more. Moreover, you will also need to maintain your code, which can add up quickly in future. 

5. Easy Combination with Other Channels:

In-App Inbox is a team player in your omnichannel strategy. Seamlessly integrate it into sequential omnichannel chains for both manual and automated campaigns. This compatibility enhances the overall effectiveness of your communication strategy, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized user experience across multiple channels.

6. Flexible Appearance Customization:

Take control of how your messages appear with In-App Inbox. In the editor, customize the notification's look, incorporating elements such as text, images, and links. This flexibility allows for creative and engaging message designs that align with your brand identity and captivate your audience. It would also help you maintain notification hygiene. Check Maintaining Notification Center Hygiene - Expiring Outdated Messages in The InApp Inbox Notification Center.

7. Sending Without User Subscription:

One of the standout features of In-App Inbox is that messages are available to all users authorized to use your application. This eliminates the need for a separate opt-in/ opt-out process, ensuring that your messages reach a wider audience effortlessly.

8. 100% Deliverability:

Notifications sent through In-App Inbox boast a high deliverability rate compared to any other out-of-app notification channel. This makes it an ideal channel for conveying important updates and messages along with other channels, ensuring that your communications reach the intended recipients consistently.

9. Flexibility in Message Design:

App Inbox offers unparalleled flexibility in message design. There are no limitations to the type and length of content you can send. Enhance user engagement by adding various click actions to inbox message components, providing a versatile tool for driving user interaction and satisfaction.

10. Contextual Alerts:

In-App Inbox notifications provide contextual alerts, ensuring that users receive timely information while actively using the app. Unlike out-of-app channels, where users might miss updates, In-App Inbox alerts capture the user's attention immediately, fostering a more responsive and engaged user experience. For example, receiving a friend request on Facebook while actively using the platform allows users to check and respond promptly without delay.

11. Long-Term Persistent Message Storage:

In-App Inbox offers the advantage of long-term message storage, providing flexibility and control over notifications. Unlike other channels where messages may be subject to filtering or blocking, the In-App Inbox serves as a reliable repository. This ensures that users have a persistent record of all notifications, reducing the risk of important messages being lost or overlooked. Whether it's for reference or review, the stored messages contribute to a comprehensive and accessible communication history for users. SuprSend by default stores the message for 30 days, which can be customised as per your needs. 

Explore InApp Inbox Before Use!


In conclusion, the advantages of App Inbox extend beyond the ordinary, providing businesses with a robust and versatile channel for user engagement. By embracing the unique features of App Inbox, companies can elevate their communication strategies, captivate audiences, and ultimately drive sustained growth. Check more around How Mobile Inbox Increases User Engagement? (including a case study with inapp-inbox)

Written by:
Anjali Arya
Product & Analytics, SuprSend

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