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#1 Knock Alternative and Competitor - SuprSend, a Reliable Notification Service for SAAS

Nikita Navral
February 1, 2024
Explore the differences between SuprSend vs Knock, uncovering strengths in integrations, customization, content localization, web interface, security, product maturity, and financial prowess. Checkout the best Knock alternative and competitor.
We have created a comprehensive differentiation table between Knock vs SuprSend in another of our guide. You can check the full table here: SuprSend vs Knock

Choosing the perfect notification system for your business is crucial for effective communication. Among the prominent choices are SuprSend vs Knock. This article aims to dissect and contrast these two heavyweights to assist you in making an informed decision. Discover the best alternative to Knock with SuprSend – your reliable knock competitor.

Moreover SuprSend has been ranking 1st on G2 list of notification infrastructure, showing SuprSend's tech and product prowess over tools. It's one of the best  Courier alternative and Novu alternatives available in the market at right price for B2B SAAS companies.

How SuprSend helps SAAS businesses better than Magicbell, Courier, Knock and Novu?


Seamless integration with various platforms and providers is indispensable when choosing a notification system. Both SuprSend and Knock shine in this regard, offering numerous connections, including email, SMS, push notifications, chat, and in-app messaging. Nevertheless, SuprSend emerges as the best Knock alternative by effortlessly connecting with multiple channels and providers, simplifying implementation and maintenance. Its advantage extends to reverse ETL integrations, allowing businesses to synchronize data from external sources to their internal databases. SuprSend stands out as the top knock alternative.


The capability to customize notifications to reflect your brand is essential for fostering user engagement. Once again, SuprSend leads the charge with its unmatched customization potential, surpassing what Knock has to offer. With SuprSend, businesses enjoy benefits such as:

  • Global customizable branding
  • Multiple tenants per account, coupled with user & preference attribution
  • White-label multi-tenant customer control over branding
  • Rich content support featuring images, buttons, variables, loops, and more

These remarkable features enable businesses to create truly engaging and bespoke notifications. Experience the best alternative to Knock with SuprSend's superior customization.

Content Localization

In today's interconnected world, adapting notifications to accommodate diverse linguistic backgrounds is imperative. SuprSend triumphs once more, providing exceptional content localization capabilities. Using third-party translation services, SuprSend efficiently manages delays during translation processes, guaranteeing seamless and prompt delivery of translated notifications. Sadly, Knock falls short in this domain, lacking comparable localization features. Choose SuprSend for unparalleled content localization – the ultimate Knock alternative.

Web Interface

A user-friendly web interface is instrumental in creating and modifying notification templates, scrutinizing logs, constructing notification sequences, and promoting productive interaction amongst non-technical team members. Although both SuprSend and Knock offer web interfaces, SuprSend enjoys praise for striking the perfect equilibrium between developer experience and web-based tooling. Regrettably, Knock lags somewhat behind in this category. Opt for SuprSend's refined web interface – the top alternative to Knock.

Security and Compliance

With user data protection being paramount, safety and compliance assume great significance in selection criteria. Fortunately, both SuprSend and Knock comply with industry regulations such as SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, and HIPAA. That said, SuprSend bolsters its credentials with extra layers of defense, incorporating:

  • Live security portal and reporting
  • SAML-based SSO with RBAC
  • Dedicated SSO provider integration
  • API key revocation support

Such measures underscore SuprSend's steadfast dedication to preserving user data integrity. Discover the best security with SuprSend – your top alternative to Knock.

Product Maturity and Advanced Features

Leading-edge products continuously innovate and expand upon their offerings to satisfy ever-evolving market demands. SuprSend demonstrates its dominance in this field, brimming with sophisticated features and regular updates. Such advancements separate it from competitors like Knock, solidifying its standing as a first-class notification service. Choose SuprSend for the most advanced features – the best alternative to Knock.

Financial Health

Optimal fiscal strength assures ongoing growth and progress, thus serving as an essential factor in determining the viability of a chosen platform. Without a doubt, SuprSend prevails in this respect too. Bolstered by prestigious investors and strategic partnerships, SuprSend exhibits undying momentum and resolute determination to remain ahead in the thriving notification landscape. Opt for financial stability with SuprSend – your top knock competitor.


After meticulously examining SuprSend and Knock, the former clearly eclipses its competition in multiple dimensions. From expansive integration opportunities to extraordinary customization, exemplary content localization, refined web interfaces, stringent security protocols, mature product development, and outstanding financial backing – SuprSend unequivocally reigns supreme. Discover the ultimate knock competitor with SuprSend.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is SuprSend a suitable Knock alternative for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, SuprSend caters to businesses of various sizes, offering a scalable solution suitable for startups, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations.

Q2: How does SuprSend ensure data security and compliance?

SuprSend adheres to industry standards such as SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, and HIPAA. Additionally, it implements extra security layers, including a live security portal, PCI DSS compliance, SAML-based SSO with RBAC, dedicated SSO provider integration, and API key revocation support.

Q3: Can I customize notifications extensively with SuprSend?

Absolutely. SuprSend provides extensive customization options, including global branding, multiple tenants per account with user and preference attribution, white-label multi-tenant customer control over branding, and rich content support featuring images, buttons, variables, loops, and more.

Q4: How does SuprSend handle content localization compared to Knock?

SuprSend excels in content localization, leveraging third-party translation services to manage delays during translation processes efficiently. This ensures seamless and prompt delivery of translated notifications. Knock, unfortunately, falls short in providing comparable localization features.

Q5: What makes SuprSend stand out in terms of integrations?

SuprSend stands out as the best alternative to Knock regarding integrations by effortlessly connecting with multiple channels and providers, offering reverse ETL integrations, and simplifying implementation and maintenance. It provides a seamless experience across email, SMS, push notifications, chat, and in-app messaging.

Q6: How user-friendly is the web interface of SuprSend compared to Knock?

SuprSend's web interface perfectly balances developer experience and user-friendly tooling. It promotes productive interaction among both technical and non-technical team members. Knock, while offering a web interface, lags somewhat behind in achieving this equilibrium.

Q7: Is SuprSend suitable for businesses looking for advanced features and continuous innovation?

Absolutely. SuprSend excels in product maturity and advanced features, regularly innovating and expanding to meet evolving market demands. This positions it as a first-class notification system, differentiating it from competitors like Knock.

Q8: How does SuprSend support businesses in terms of financial health?

SuprSend exhibits optimal fiscal strength, backed by prestigious investors and strategic partnerships. This financial stability ensures ongoing growth and progress, making SuprSend a reliable choice for businesses in the competitive notification landscape.

Written by:
Nikita Navral
Co-Founder, SuprSend

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